Unveiling Tennessee’s State Bird: The Magnificent Mockingbird

What is Tennessee’s State Bird?

Tennessee has designated the Northern Mockingbird as its official state bird. The Northern Mockingbird is a passerine, meaning it belongs to the family of perching birds, and can be found all over North America in warm climates. With its unique singing abilities and attractive plumage, it’s no wonder why this beautiful creature was chosen to represent one of the most iconic states in America.

Description of the Northern Mockingbird

The Northern Mockingbird is grayish-brown with white wing patches that are visible when they fly. Its tail feathers are long and have dark bands across them. There’s also a white patch on each side of its chest that can be seen when perched or flying around looking for food. On average, it measures 8 inches in length and has an 11 inch wingspan.

In terms of behavior, these birds like to sing loudly during dawn and dusk – their song consists mostly of imitations from other nearby birds as well as sounds from cars or humans walking by! They often travel alone but during breeding season will form pairs or even small flocks for protection against predators (and probably just because they enjoy being social). These mockingbirds spend much of their time hunting insects on the ground or hopping from tree branch to tree branch looking for food among leaves and bark – anything from ants to spiders may end up becoming dinner!

Habitat & Range

The range for these birds extends all along eastern North America – specifically West Virginia down through Florida then westward into Texas (and even some parts Mexico!). This means they can survive cold winters while still finding enough food year round due to their wide variety diet including fruits/seeds/insects etc… Additionally, they usually prefer open wooded areas near forests but have been known inhabit urban spaces too so don’t be surprised if you spot one close by your house!

Significance & Symbolism

Despite having many enemies such as cats/hawks/owls – these guys never give up without a fight which makes them a symbol resilience throughout Tennessee; something everyone should remember when times get tough! Furthermore since southern states tend favor warmer weather more than colder temperatures this bird could easily show how Tennesseans embrace change despite whatever challenges come there way – plus adding some tunes every now isn’t too bad either 😉