Discover Maryland’s State Bird: The Baltimore Oriole


Maryland, a state in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States, is known for its diverse landscapes and rich history. The state has many symbols that represent it, including an official bird – The Baltimore Oriole.

The Baltimore Oriole:

The Baltimore Oriole was declared Maryland’s state bird on April 23rd, 1947. This decision came after much deliberation by Maryland lawmakers who wanted to find a unique symbol that represented their state’s beauty and heritage.

The scientific name of this bird is Icterus galbula; they are also commonly referred to as the northern oriole. They have striking orange plumage on their underbelly and black wings with white bars. Males have vibrant orange feathers while females are more subdued with yellowish-orange tones.

Although these birds primarily breed across eastern North America from Canada to Mexico, they migrate long distances during winter months to Central America and parts of South America.

Baltimore Oriole Habitat:

Baltimore Orioles prefer habitats such as open woodlands; however, they can be found in parks and backyards where trees provide them nesting sites among branches or leaves.

Their primary diet consists of nectar from flowers like trumpet creeper or honeysuckle bush but may also feed on insects like caterpillars when available through migration periods in springtime when food sources may not be abundant yet due weather condition affecting plant growth cycles.

Culture Significance:

The Baltimore Orioles’ cultural significance goes beyond being just a beautiful creature adorning gardens around Maryland. In popular culture such as literature, music art ,and sports teams using name inspired by this species.

Famous artists like Vincent Van Gogh created several pieces inspired by these birds during his stay at Asylum Saint-Paul-de-Mausolée France between May 1889-June 1890.

Several American baseball teams, including Baltimore Orioles themselves, take inspiration from the bird as a team name. The mascot for Baltimore’s team is even named “The Oriole Bird” and has been an integral part of their team identity since 1979.


In conclusion, Maryland’s state bird – The Baltimore Oriole represents not just a beautiful creature adorning gardens across its territory but also remains significant in popular culture as well. Their vibrancy brings joy to anyone who sees them flitting about and listening to their melodious calls is simply delightful. It is no wonder why they were chosen to symbolize this diverse and beautiful state!