North Dakota’s State Bird: Get to Know the Western Meadowlark


North Dakota is a state in the northern region of the United States, bordered by Canada to the north and South Dakota to the south. The state has an abundant wildlife population and boasts over 400 bird species. One common question that often arises is what is North Dakota’s state bird? In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about North Dakota’s official State Bird.

The State Bird of North Dakota

The Western Meadowlark (Sturnella neglecta) was designated as North Dakota’s official State Bird on March 3, 1947. This beautiful songbird has bright yellow underparts with black V-shaped marks on its chest which are unmistakable characteristics distinguishing it from other birds found in North America.

Description of Western Meadowlark

The western meadowlark measures approximately nine inches long with a wingspan of around fifteen inches. They have brownish-gray upper parts and vibrant yellow underparts with black markings on their chest. Their heads are striped black & white while their bills are long and pointed downward giving them an attractive appearance.

Habitat & Range

Western Meadowlarks can be found throughout much of western North America including nearly all areas west of the Mississippi River within the United States except for extreme northeastern regions where they tend not to occur regularly due to environmental conditions such as weather patterns or habitat destruction. These birds prefer open grasslands or agricultural fields where they’re able to easily spot prey.

Dietary Habits

These birds feed primarily on insects like beetles, ants, crickets but also consume seeds & berries during winter months when insects become scarce owing mainly due to cold temperatures affecting insect populations greatly.

Nesting Habits

Breeding season begins in late April through June when males perch atop tall grasses, shrubs or trees while they sing out their unique melody to attract females. Once paired up the male and female build a nest on the ground in a depression made mostly of grass stems and lined with finer plant materials like hair or feathers.

In Conclusion

The Western Meadowlark is an iconic bird species that has captured the hearts of many North Dakotans for decades. Its vibrant yellow plumage, beautiful song, and distinct black markings make it one of North America’s most recognizable birds. As such, it comes as no surprise why this impressive bird was chosen as North Dakota’s official State Bird. Thanks for reading!