? The State Bird of Georgia: Meet the Brown Thrasher

The State Bird of Georgia: The Brown Thrasher

Georgia is a state in the southeastern part of the United States with lush forests and bustling cities. And, just like many other states, it has its own official bird. That bird is the brown thrasher, commonly referred to as “the state bird of Georgia”.


The brown thrasher was officially designated as the state bird of Georgia way back in 1970 by resolution from the General Assembly. Since then it has been beloved by Georgians across generations and remains one of their most iconic symbols today. It may be surprising for some to learn that there was even a competition for which species would become the official representative avian for this great southern state! There were several contenders including birds like blue jay, mockingbird and cardinal – but ultimately it was decided that dark-feathered beauty should take flight as Georgia’s top pick.

Appearance & Characteristics

The brown thrasher stands out amongst its peers on account if its large size (measuring up to 11 inches long) and richly colored plumage – boasting an orange chestnut hue with black spots all over its wings and tail feathers (these features can vary slightly depending on region). Additionally, they have bright yellow eyes which give them an alert appearance when perched atop branches or flying through their native habitats(which are treed areas near grassy meadows). In terms of call sounds – you’ll often hear both males and females making a harsh trilling noise when communicating; this sound is used both between mates during courtship rituals as well as when they feel threatened by predators such as hawks or owls nearby.

Where To Find Them?

Brown Thrashers are quite easy to spot throughout much of eastern North America; so whether you live in Georgia or planing on taking a trip there soon – keep an eye out for these lovely songbirds! They tend to prefer open woodlands/savannahs where they can find plenty food sources while also having access cover from potential predators at ground level (such as foxes). Some notable places include public parks like Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge near Macon GA or Sweetwater Creek State Park outside Atlanta – both being excellent spots for spotting these beautiful birds flitting about!


In conclusion, we hope you learned something interesting about one very special denizen here in sunny Georgian – The Brown Thrasher! Not only does this majestic creature serve symbolic duty representing our fine home-state, but it also provides us with hours upon hours entertainment thanks to their vocal displays each springtime season – reminding us why exactly we love living here so much !