Discovering the National Bird of the United States: The Bald Eagle


The national symbol is an important part of every country’s heritage. It represents the qualities and values that are cherished by its citizens. In the case of the United States, one such emblem is its national bird.

The National Bird of the United States

The national bird of the United States is none other than the bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus). The majestic creature has been a symbol of freedom, strength, and independence for over two centuries. Its striking appearance and soaring flight have captured people’s imaginations for generations.


The bald eagle was first chosen as a national symbol in 1782 when it was included in the Great Seal of the United States. At that time, several other birds were considered, including turkey and wild duck. However, Benjamin Franklin preferred turkey over bald eagle due to his perception that it had more respectable character traits; nevertheless, he acknowledged their strength and power.

Despite this early recognition as an emblematic figurehead for America, eagles suffered from human persecution throughout much of their range during most recent history until they received protection under federal law in 1940s.


The choice of bald eagle as a national bird reflects many things about America’s past struggles – independence from Britain being at forefront – , present achievements- contribution to science-,and future hopes like conservation efforts.- .
A fascinating fact about American eagles’ symbolism lies within Native Americans’ beliefs who viewed these birds with great respect since ancient times because they were deemed messengers between humans and spiritual beings.

To many people worldwide today Bald Eagle remains one formidable representation not only on paper but also through imagery- photographs & sculptures alike- reflecting hope endurance courage seen throughout US society even among those times when situations seem uncertain or hopeless .

In conclusion,

Bald eagle is considered a symbol of America’s Freedom and strength for over two centuries. The bird’s choice as the National Bird reflects its importance in American history, culture, and identity. Its symbolism goes beyond borders to reflect human endurance, hopefulness and courage to overcome challenges therein.