The Stately Scissor-Tailed Flycatcher: Oklahoma’s Official State Bird


What is the State Bird of Oklahoma?

The state bird of Oklahoma is the Scissor-tailed Flycatcher. This beautiful and unique species of bird was designated as Oklahoma’s official state bird in 1951. The Scissor-tailed Flycatcher can be found throughout most parts of the United States, but it is especially seen in Oklahoma, where it has a large population and range.


The Scissor-tailed Flycatcher is an easily recognizable bird due to its bright colors, long tail feathers and distinctive call. It has a gray head with white stripes on either side that run along its neck and back. Its body is mostly pinkish-brown or olive-gray in color with some black or reddish streaks on its wings and tail feathers that contrast against its lighter colored body. Its long, scissor shaped tail feathers are usually fanned out when flying which makes them easy to spot among other birds in flight. The male Scissor-tail also displays some red feathers on its throat during mating season which helps to attract mates for breeding purposes.


Scissortailed Flycatchers prefer open grassland areas such as pastures, fields from cultivated crops or roadsides for nesting sites during their breeding season between April through August each year when they migrate into Oklahoma from more southern states like Texas or Mexico for wintering grounds after migration ends around October time every year . They eat mainly insects such as beetles, dragonflies and even crickets which can be found living within these wide open grasslands they inhabit while looking for food while they perch atop trees nearby before swooping down to catch their prey midair if needed . These birds also make use of mud nests amongst tree branches typically made by both male and female partners who will then jointly raise their young together until fledging takes place sometime around late June early July depending upon weather conditions at any given time .


The Scissortailed flycatcher lives up to its name by having very distinct features like elongated tails equipped with scissors like edges used during courtship rituals that make it stand out among other birds across many different regions within America . It’s brilliant plumage combined with willingness adaptability have certainly earned this species recognition not only here within our own borders , but all over the world too – making them rightly deserved title holders us Oklahomans take pride knowing one state’s symbol really does represent beauty nature alike !