How to Tell the Gender of a Parakeet: A Step-by-Step Guide

Parakeets, also known as budgerigars, are delightful and beloved birds that make great pets. They come in a variety of colors and patterns, making them visually appealing to many people. However, one question that often arises when it comes to parakeets is how to determine their gender. Here are some tips on how you can tell the gender of your parakeet.

Physical Characteristics

One way to determine the sex of your parakeet is by looking at its physical characteristics. Male parakeets typically have a blue cere (the fleshy area above their beaks), while female parakeets have a brown or beige cere. However, this method only works for adult birds as young male and female parakeets both have pinkish ceres.

Another physical characteristic that can help you differentiate between male and female parakeets is their size. In most cases, males tend to be larger than females.

Behavioral Differences

In addition to physical characteristics, behavioral differences between male and female parakeets can also help identify their gender. For instance, male budgies tend to be more vocal than females; they chirp or sing more frequently throughout the day compared with females who usually do not sing much.

Moreover, male budgies tend to display certain courtship behaviors towards females such as regurgitating food for her or fluffing up his feathers while standing close by her side.

DNA Testing

If you find it difficult or impossible to determine your bird’s gender based on its appearance or behavior alone DNA testing may provide an accurate answer about whether it’s a boy or girl bird

DNA testing involves taking a small blood sample from your bird which will then undergo laboratory analysis using special tests designed specifically for determining avian genetics information.. You should consult with an experienced avian vet if you’re interested in DNA testing to ensure that the procedure is conducted safely and effectively.


Determining the gender of your parakeet is not always easy, but with a bit of observation or more accurate DNA testing, you can discover whether your bird is male or female. Knowing the sex can help with breeding, bonding and training purposes. Regardless of its gender, a pet parakeet will undoubtedly bring joy and companionship into your life as they are full of personality and affectionate little birds!