What can parakeets eat?

Foods Parakeets Can Eat

Parakeets are small, colorful birds native to the Old World. They make wonderful and affectionate pets that can live a long life if they are well cared for. Part of caring for your parakeet is providing them with a healthy diet of nutritious foods.

There are several types of food that your parakeet can eat safely and enjoy healthily. Some important things to remember when providing food to your parakeet is that it needs variety in its diet and should not be fed only one type of food as this could lead to nutritional deficiencies. Here’s a look at some of the best foods you can feed your parakeet:


Seed mixes formulated specifically for parakeets or budgies should comprise their primary source of nutrition – these mixtures typically include millet, sunflower seeds, safflower seed, oats, wheat and other grains. You may also want to provide additional bird-safe seeds such as hemp seed or sesame seed since these contain additional vitamins and minerals needed by pet birds like calcium, iron, copper etc.. Make sure not to feed wild birdseed mix because these may contain toxic ingredients that can harm your pet bird.

Vegetables & Fruit

Parrots love fruits like apples (without core), oranges (peeled), bananas (mashed) , strawberries etc., while vegetables such as carrots (chopped into small pieces) spinach leaves (torn into tiny bits) sweet potatoes (cooked till soft but not mushy) broccoli(florets). These high fiber treats will help keep them healthy while adding much needed variety in their diets – just make sure anything you give must be fresh! Additionally spiders love nuts so try giving walnuts/almonds pecans once every few weeks after crushing them into smaller pieces according their size.


Commercial pellets designed specifically for Parrot species makes an excellent supplement to their diets since they usually contains all necessary nutrients required by pet birds in balanced proportions; however make sure you buy high quality pellets from reputed brands which have been approved by experts/veterinarians otherwise they might contain artificial dyes or preservatives which could harm your beloved feathered friend!

Eggs & Dairy Products