Can parakeets eat oranges?


Can Parakeets Eat Oranges?

Parakeets, also known as budgies or budgerigars, are small brightly colored birds native to Australia. They are popular as pets and can make excellent companions for people of all ages. As with any pet, it is important to provide your parakeet with a healthy and varied diet appropriate for its species. So the question remains – can parakeets eat oranges?

The Benefits of Feeding Your Parakeet Orange

Oranges have many health benefits that could be beneficial to your parakeet’s diet. Oranges are a great source of Vitamin C which helps support the immune system and helps fight off illness in animals just as it does in humans. They also contain other vitamins such as Vitamin A and B-complex vitamins which help keep their eyesight sharp, skin healthy, feathers glossy and bones strong. Additionally, oranges are high in fiber content aiding digestion while providing energy needed for activity throughout the day.

How To Safely Feed Your Pet Parakeet Oranges

It’s important to note that feeding orange directly from the tree has potential risks since wild fruits often carry parasites or bacteria that could be harmful to birds’ health so only offer oranges from a store or market bought from reliable sources if you plan on feeding them this tasty treat! Unlike some other foods (such as chocolate) no parts of an orange should ever be given to a bird – only feed fresh peeled slices without seeds or stems attached! It is best not give more than one teaspoon per day due to potential stomach upset caused by too much sugar intake if fed too frequently/in large amounts – but don’t worry about overfeeding if you only give them an occasional treat once every few weeks!


In conclusion – yes parakeets can safely eat oranges when given sparingly in moderation! Always remember though: never leave food unsupervised around your pet bird since they may try snacking on something they shouldn’t… Keep up with regular checkups at the vet; watch out for signs of stress & take immediate action when necessary – happy feathered friend means happy owner:)