Can parakeets eat fish?

Can Parakeets Eat Fish?

Parakeets, also known as budgies or budgerigars, are a type of small parrot native to Australia. As omnivores in the wild, parakeets have natural diets that contain a variety of different foods including grains, fruits, vegetables and insects. But can parakeets eat fish too? The answer is yes – but with caution.

The Benefits Of Feeding Fish To Parakeets

Fish is an excellent source of protein for parakeets and can help them maintain a healthy diet. It’s also low in fat compared to other animal proteins like beef or pork, so it’s an ideal choice for birds who may be prone to obesity or diabetes. Additionally, fish contains essential fatty acids that help keep your pet’s skin and feathers looking their best. Not only will these fats provide essential nutrition to your bird but they can also give them a glossy sheen that will make them stand out from the rest!

Feeding Fish To Parakeets Safely

It’s important to feed fish safely when giving it to your parakeet. Raw fish should be avoided because it may contain parasites or bacteria which could make your bird very ill if consumed. Cooked seafood such as shrimp and crab meat are much safer options than raw varieties; however you’ll want to avoid any canned products as they often contain high levels of preservatives which could harm your pet if ingested over time. Additionally frozen fish should not be given because the thawing process can cause bacteria growth on the food itself; always purchase fresh fish whenever possible! Lastly remember that while some types of small saltwater fishes are safe for consumption by humans they may not necessarily be nutritionally suitable for birds – so check with your avian vet before serving any new types of seafood dishes!


In conclusion, yes – parakeets can eat fish safely as long as certain precautions are taken into account first (i.e avoiding raw/canned/frozen varieties). However due diligence must always be used when introducing new kinds of foods into their diet – especially those from unfamiliar sources like saltwater creatures . Always consult with an avian veterinarian before feeding unusual items like this one just in case any unexpected health issues crop up down the line!