Can parakeets eat arugula?

Can Parakeets Eat Arugula?

A parakeet, also known as a budgerigar or budgie, is an intelligent and colorful bird that can be found in many households around the world. Although they are small birds, they require proper nutrition to stay healthy. So it’s natural for owners to ask what their parakeets can and cannot eat. One food item that may come up when considering a parakeet’s diet is arugula. Can parakeets safely consume this leafy green vegetable?

Is Arugula Safe for Parakeets?

The short answer is yes, parakeets can eat and enjoy arugula. This leafy green vegetable offers several nutritional benefits and makes a great addition to any bird-safe diet. However, before feeding your pet arugula you should keep some important facts in mind about this food choice:

  • Arugula should be served fresh rather than cooked.
  • It should always be washed thoroughly before serving.
  • Avoid adding salt or other seasonings when preparing it.


Additionally, while arugula can provide your pet with valuable nutrients like Vitamin A and K, too much of this vegetable could cause digestive distress due to its high calcium content . To prevent potential health issues from occurring only feed your parakeet very small amounts of arugula at a time – no more than 10% of their daily intake – so that you don’t overload them on calcium or other minerals found in the plant matter.

Finally, remember that even if an ingredient is safe for consumption there still needs to be variety within your pet’s diet! Make sure you are providing them with enough protein sources along with vegetables like arugua so they get all the nutrition they need without getting bored of eating the same thing every day!


In conclusion , yes -parrakeets can safely consume small amounts of fresh (washed)arugla as partof their regular diets – just make sure not ooverloadthem on calcium by feeding too much at once! Variety remains key thoughand owners should take careto ensure pets are receiving adequate proteinsources along with veggies suchasaraugafor optiumal health benefits !