Can cockatiels eat dried fruit?

Can Cockatiels Eat Dried Fruit?

Cockatiels are a type of parrot native to Australia, known for their social nature and interesting personalities. They make wonderful pets and can be very interactive with their owners. As part of providing the best care possible for your feathered friend, it is important to ensure they get the right nutrition – including what foods they should and shouldn’t eat. One often-asked question is “can cockatiels eat dried fruit?” The answer is yes, but there are some important points to consider when feeding dried fruit to your pet bird.

Benefits of Feeding Dried Fruit

Dried fruit can provide many nutritional benefits for cockatiels in moderation as part of a balanced diet. The main benefit is that dried fruits contain vitamins and minerals that help keep birds healthy such as Vitamin A which helps develop strong bones, eyesight, feathers, skin & muscles; Vitamin C which helps boost immunity; Potassium which improves nerve & muscle function; Calcium which builds strong bones & teeth; Iron which transports oxygen around the body; Magnesium essential for energy production and Manganese essential for protein metabolism among many other healthful benefits.

Things To Consider When Feeding Dried Fruit

However one must take caution when feeding these treats due to high sugar content found in most types of dried fruit such as raisins or dates – an excess consumption could lead to obesity so portion control should be taken into consideration with these treats . Additionally it’s best not feed any droppings from wet fruits (like apples) because these could cause digestive upset in your feathered companion since they have less acidity than fresh ones do – so always opt for those specifically made by pet stores rather than store bought canned goods or snacks like chips etc.. Finally remember never give sugary items such as chocolate coated varieties! These will quickly break down into dangerous toxins within hours after ingestion causing serious illness if consumed even small amounts at once time so avoid altogether!


In conclusion while cockatiels can enjoy dried fruit in moderation ,it’s important to choose wisely when selecting what type (if any) you offer them – especially avoiding anything coated with sugar or honey based products . With careful selection ,dried fruits can form a nutrient dense treat addition on occasion without compromising their overall health status — ideal alongside plenty fresh veggies/fruits/seeds !