The Long and Healthy Life of a Cockatiel: How to Make Your Bird Live Its Best Life

How Long Can a Cockatiel Live?

Cockatiels are one of the most popular pet birds, and they’re known for their friendly personalities and colorful plumage. But how long do cockatiels live? Generally, these birds can have lifespans of up to 20 years in proper care!

Factors That Impact Lifespan

There are several factors that contribute to a cockatiel’s lifespan. The quality of care they receive is the most important factor, as good nutrition and regular vet visits will help keep them healthy. Their genetic makeup also plays an important role; some cockatiels may be more prone to health issues than others due to their breed or bloodline. Lastly, environmental factors such as temperature and humidity levels are also essential for maintaining a long-living bird.

Signs Of Aging In Cockatiels

Over time, owners may begin to notice signs that their cockatiel is aging — this includes changes in behavior (such as increased sleeping), physical appearance (graying feathers) or activity level (lack of energy). It’s important for owners to continue providing proper care during this stage in order for the bird to remain healthy and live out its longest potential lifespan.

Preventative Care Tips

In order to extend your cockatiel’s life expectancy, there are several preventative steps you should take:

* Provide high-quality diet with fresh fruits/vegetables daily
* Give them plenty of exercise with toys & playtime outside the cage * Make sure they get regular check-ups from an avian veterinarian * Keep their environment clean & safe by removing any hazardous materials * Give them lots of attention & socialization with other people/pets