Yellow-billed Magpie

If you are looking for a unique and fascinating bird to observe, look no further than the yellow-billed magpie. This striking bird is native to California and boasts an impressive set of features that make it stand out from its feathered counterparts.

Basic Description

The yellow-billed magpie is easily recognizable by its stunning black and white plumage, long tail feathers, and bright yellow beak. They have distinctive blue patches around their eyes which add to their beauty. These birds grow up to 19 inches tall with a wingspan of approximately 24 inches.

Where To Find This Bird

Yellow-billed magpies are only found in parts of California, primarily within the Central Valley region. They have adapted well to urban living as well as rural areas where large trees can provide a nesting place.


These birds thrive in open habitats such as oak savannas or grasslands with scattered trees that provide perching places during their hunts for food. Yellow-billed magpies often construct nests using sticks close to bodies of water like rivers or streams.


Yellow-Billed Magpies are omnivorous, and they feed on various things like insects (especially beetles), small rodents such as mice or voles, fruits (like figs), nuts & seeds (acorns), etcetera. It has also been noticed that these birds would sometimes eat other small birds’ eggs too if they come across them while scavenging around nest sites!

Cool Facts

One exciting fact about these birds is that they love shiny objects! If you leave any shiny object lying around outside your house or campsite in an area where Yellow-Billed Magpies live nearby chances are good it might get stolen by one of them! Also due to unique population genetics being isolated in Central California, these birds have become genetically different from other magpie species. They also live in large flocks and are highly social creatures that often preen each other’s feathers as part of their bonding rituals.

In conclusion, the Yellow-billed Magpie is a beautiful bird with unique characteristics that make it an exciting sight to behold. Their love for shiny objects and social habits are just a few reasons why they’re so fascinating to observe! If you find yourself in central California, keep an eye out for these stunning birds; you won’t regret it!