: The Shy Songbird

Basic Description

The Wrentit (Chamaea fasciata) is a small, shy songbird native to the Pacific coast of North America. It has a plump body and short tail, measuring only about 4-5 inches in length. The male and female look alike, with olive-brown upperparts and grayish underparts. They have large eyes that are surrounded by white eye rings that make them look like they’re wearing spectacles.

Where To Find This Bird

Wrentits can be found from southern British Columbia to Baja California in Mexico. Their range extends inland as far as southwestern Nevada and southeastern Arizona. These birds are often heard before they are seen because of their loud vocalizations.


Wrentits prefer shrubby habitats such as chaparral, sagebrush scrubland, oak woodlands, and other dense thickets where they can hide from predators. They build their nests low in bushes or on the ground among dead leaves or twigs.


These birds feed mostly on insects such as spiders but also eat fruit during the summer months when it is available.

Cool Facts

1) Unlike most songbirds, Wrentits do not migrate; they reside in their breeding habitat throughout the year.

2) Instead of singing intricate songs to attract mates like many other bird species do, these birds produce harsh notes using both sexes’ voices which sound more like a rattle than anything else!

3) Wren-tits will remain paired for life forming strong monogamous bonds with one another!

In conclusion,wren-tits may not be showy birds like some others with colorful feathers & elaborate courtship rituals but due to unique features mentioned above wren-tits are an interesting, delightful bird to watch!