Wing Feather Trimming Your Pet Parrot

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All birds who are not breeding and in your home as pets should have their wing feathers trimmed. If your birds are ever in ANY area of the house where outside doors are opened, this is a necessity! Also, birds have been known to fly into the toilet, hot soup kettles, frying pans, ceiling fans, windows, and even more. If you love your bird, you will definitely consider keeping his wing feathers trimmed. The following charts will show the proper way to keep them trimmed.

How To Trump Your Parrot's Wings Properly

Make sure you don’t trim the feathers improperly, improper trims can cause disaster. Trims that leave the outermost flight feather or feathers can still allow some birds to fly. This type of trim can also cause injury to your bird. They may catch those feathers in their cage wires or bars and tear or break them.

Do not trim only one wing. Trimming only one wing will still allow most birds to fly, but they will fly crookedly and run into objects. I have known of many a bird who have broken their necks this way.

If you feel uncomfortable doing the procedure yourself, take your bird to a veterinarian or a bird breeder and have them do it for you. Be sure to explain the type of trim you desire.

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