Wilson’s Snipe

Basic Description

Wilson’s Snipe is a medium-sized bird that belongs to the family Scolopacidae. The scientific name for this species is Gallinago delicata, and it is also known as the common snipe. It measures about 10-11 inches in length and weighs between 3-5 ounces. This bird has a stocky body, long bill, and short neck with brown plumage on its backside.

Where To Find This Bird

The Wilson’s Snipe can be found throughout North America, including Alaska and Canada in summer months while they migrate southward during winters to Mexico or Central America. They prefer wetland habitats such as marshes, swamps or wet fields near water bodies like rivers or ponds.


Wilson’s Snipes are highly adaptable birds that inhabit various types of wetland environments including freshwater marshes, bogs, fens, flooded fields or roadside ditches where they thrive on insects and small crustaceans found in the mud.


The Wilson’s snipe feeds mainly by probing soft muddy soils with their long bills which allows them to gather up worms (their favorite food), beetles larvae and other small aquatic creatures such as crustaceans tadpoles etc. They have excellent hearing abilities which helps them locate these prey items easily even when hidden deep below soil surface

Cool Facts

One interesting fact about this bird is its unique courtship display which involves flying high into the air while making ‘winnowing’ sounds produced by wind passing through their outermost tail feathers creating eerie sounds that carry far over large distances . Another fascinating feature of Wilson’s snipes are their eyes – located far back on their skulls – providing exceptionally wide field-of-view enabling them spot predators from afar while feeding in the wetlands. These birds are also popular among hunters who enjoy their sporty flight and tasty meat.