White-throated Swift

The White-throated Swift, also known as the Northern Swift or Black-chinned Swift, is a small bird that belongs to the Apodidae family. This species can be found in North America and is easily recognizable due to its distinct black throat and white underparts.

Basic Description

The White-throated Swift is approximately 15-17 cm long with a wingspan of 38-41 cm. It has short legs and a long, slender body that allows it to fly at high speeds. The feathers on its upper body are dark grey or brownish-black, while its underparts are pure white.

Where To Find This Bird

This bird can be found across western North America from southern Alaska down to Baja California in Mexico. They prefer rocky habitats such as cliffs, canyons, and gorges where they build their nests on sheer rock faces.


White-throated Swifts are most commonly found near arid regions where they have ample space for flying and nesting. They nest along steep cliff faces near rivers or other bodies of water in mountainous areas up to 10,000 feet above sea level.


These birds feed solely on insects which they catch while flying through their habitat area at high speeds. Their diet consists mostly of beetles, flies, termites and ants which they capture mid-flight by opening their wide mouths to scoop them up.

Cool Facts

White-throated swifts are one of the fastest flyers among all birds! These birds reach an impressive speed of 170 km/hour (105 mph). Another interesting fact about these birds is that they don’t perch like other birds; instead you will see them clinging onto vertical surfaces with their sharp claws – this makes them such incredible acrobats!

In conclusion: if you’re fortunate enough to spot a White-throated Swift during your travels throughout Western North America take time out to observe them in action. Their impressive aerial displays and unique nesting behaviors truly make them a special species to observe!