Where Do Birds Go When it Rains? Tips for Keeping Your Feathered Friends Safe

Have you ever wondered where birds go during rainy days? Do they just continue to fly and get soaked or do they have a secret place to take shelter from the rain? Let’s explore this fascinating topic.

Why Birds Seek Shelter During Rainy Days

Birds are not fond of getting wet, especially when it rains hard. Flight feathers in their wings become heavy with water and make flying difficult. Their body temperature may also drop due to prolonged exposure to cold, wet weather conditions. This is why most birds seek shelter during rainy days.

Natural Shelters for Birds

Birds can find natural shelters in trees, bushes, and other vegetation. It’s common for them to perch on branches near leaves or under thick canopies that provide cover from the raindrops. They may also search for hollow tree trunks or any available holes that serve as temporary shelters until the rain subsides.

Using Birdhouses As A Shelter

If you’re an avid bird lover who wants to help protect your feathered friends during harsh weather conditions like rain, providing a birdhouse can be a great way of doing so. Birdhouses offer safe havens where birds can retreat while waiting out the bad weather.

When setting up your birdhouse as a shelter for birds during rainy days, it’s essential that you position it correctly. Place it in an area where there’s ample foliage or close enough to large trees so that birds have easy access when looking for refuge from downpours.

Most importantly, ensure that the entry hole faces away from prevailing winds and towards shrubs or flowers; this will give additional protection against wind-blown rains entering through the doorway of your birdhouse.

Other Ways You Can Help Protect Birds From The Rain

There are several ways you can help protect our avian friends during rainy weather aside from providing them with a shelter. Here are some tips:

1. Refrain from setting up bird feeders during rainy days as food can easily get spoiled and wet.

2. Clean the area around your birdhouse or feeder regularly to prevent diseases that may arise from damp, dirty conditions.

3. Avoid using pesticides and herbicides in your garden as they can harm birds and their habitats during rainy weather.

4. Provide fresh drinking water for birds by placing shallow bowls under natural shelters like trees or in covered areas near your birdhouse.


Birds have different ways of coping with harsh weather conditions such as rainstorms, but seeking shelter is one of their top priorities. Natural shelters like trees, bushes, and hollowed trunks provide them temporary protection while waiting for the rain to pass. Providing a birdhouse is another way you can help protect them from inclement weather while making their environment safer all year round!