The Magnificent Virginia State Bird: What You Need to Know About the Northern Cardinal


Have you ever wondered what the state bird of Virginia is? Well, wonder no more! The state bird of Virginia is the Northern Cardinal. This beautiful and vibrant bird has been an important symbol for the state of Virginia since 1950.

Physical Characteristics

The Northern Cardinal is a medium-sized songbird that measures around 8-9 inches in length. They are easily recognizable thanks to their bright red plumage and distinctive crest on top of their head. Male Cardinals sport these bright colors, while females have a more muted brownish-red color with hints of red on their wings and tail feathers.

Both males and females have thick, cone-shaped bills that are perfect for cracking open seeds, which make up most of their diet. Another interesting physical characteristic about Cardinals is that they have a unique ability to sing almost all year round, making them one of the most vocal birds in North America.

Habitat and Range

Northern Cardinals can be found throughout much of eastern North America from southern Canada to Mexico. They thrive in wooded areas, gardens, parks or anywhere else where there are trees or bushes for nesting purposes.

In fact, many people enjoy having Cardinals visit their backyard feeders because they add some color and life to any garden setting. These birds prefer thickets or shrubs as nesting sites but will also use vines or tree branches if necessary.

Cultural Significance

The Northern Cardinal holds special significance in many cultures due to its striking beauty and singing ability. In Christianity, it’s believed that seeing a cardinal represents loved ones who’ve passed away sending messages through this brightly colored messenger bird.

In Native American culture as well cardinals were believed to bring good luck; it was thought they could help heal ailments such as depression by bringing joy into homes through song!

As mentioned earlier,the Northern Cardinal became the official state bird of Virginia in 1950. This was due to the fact that they are a very common sight throughout much of Virginia, and their bright colors make them easy to spot even from a distance.


In summary, now you know what the state bird of Virginia is – it’s the Northern Cardinal! These gorgeous birds have become an important cultural symbol and hold special meaning for many people. Whether you’re looking for some natural beauty or just want to hear their song on a lazy afternoon, Northern Cardinals are always worth keeping an eye out for!