Discover the Beauty of Rhode Island: The State Bird and More

The State Bird of Rhode Island is the Rhode Island Red

Rhode Island, located in the northeastern United States, has adopted a state bird – the Rhode Island Red. The official designation was made in 1954 and it is one of five states that have chosen a breed of chicken as its state symbol. The other four are Delaware (Delaware Blue Hen), Kentucky (Kentucky Mountain Chicken), Maryland (Baltimore Oriole) and West Virginia (Northern Cardinal).

History of the Rhode Island Red

The origin story of this iconic poultry breed begins with an 1854 farm family in Little Compton, RI. They cross-bred several breeds to create what we know today as the Rhode Island Red – a hardy dual purpose bird that could be used for both egg production and meat production. Over time, farmers across New England began utilizing these birds for their superior ability to produce large brown eggs, leading to increased popularity throughout America by 1900.

Characteristics of the Rhode Island Red

The modern day version of this heritage poultry breed boasts many excellent qualities including good size and weight control; high egg laying productivity; a docile nature; ability to tolerate cold weather; attractive dark red feathering with white lacing on its wings and tail feathers; wide variety for show or exhibition use such as single combed cockscomb varieties or pea combs which are more suitable for egg production purposes; overall hardiness allowing them to survive long winters without any need for artificial heat sources. In addition they make great pets because they’re friendly and easy going!

Modern Use Of The Breed

Today’s Rhode Islanders continue to keep up this proud tradition by keeping their own flocks either out back yard coops or small hobby farms throughout rural areas all over the state. In addition to using them locally at home ,the birds also remain popular globally due their heavy exports from America especially towards Asia where there is an ever increasing demand for fresh eggs from free range hens . Furthermore ,due their robust nature ,they still remain widely sought after by homesteaders looking start up self sufficient chicken operations . Last but not least these magnificent creatures can also easily found participating major shows events competitively around world showcasing true beauty intricate details that truly sets apart form others !