Discover Ohio’s State Bird: The Cardinal


Ohio is a beautiful state that has diverse flora and fauna. The Buckeye State boasts of several indigenous species of animals and plants, including the state bird. Yes, Ohio has a particular bird that represents it as an official symbol. This blog post will provide you with all the necessary details about Ohio’s state bird.

The State Bird of Ohio

The state bird of Ohio is the Northern Cardinal or ‘Cardinalis cardinalis.’ It was designated as the official state bird in 1933 by an act of legislation passed by the General Assembly.

The male Northern Cardinal is bright red with black feathers around its beak, while females are light brownish-red with reddish-brown crests on their heads. They have thick bills suitable for crushing seeds and nuts.

The Significance Of The Northern Cardinal As A State Bird

Back in 1933 when lawmakers were looking for a representative creature to embody everything good about their home state, they settled on one animal ––the Northern Cardinal- because it was abundant throughout most parts of Ohio.

Moreover, this breed lives exclusively within North America; hence it would seem like an ideal candidate to represent our country’s values and culture more generally.

Finally, according to indigenous belief systems prevalent among Native Americans residing within what we now call “Ohio,” cardinals had deep symbolic significance attached to them: warriors believed sighting these birds marked auspicious events such as victory in battle or successful hunts.

Fascinating Facts About The Northern Cardinals

Here are some interesting facts about northern cardinals:

  • Northern Cardinals belong to a family known as ‘Fringillidae,’ which includes other songbird species such as finches.
  • Both male and female birds sing songs.
  • They mate for life (monogamous).
  • Cardinals are non-migratory birds, and they can adapt to various habitats such as gardens, forests, and wetlands.
  • The Northern Cardinal is the state bird of six US states: Ohio, Indiana, West Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky & Virginia

In Conclusion

The Northern Cardinal has become an integral part of Ohio’s identity. Its bright feathers and distinctive song make it a beloved species throughout the Buckeye State. This bird’s resilience in adapting to different environments makes it a symbol of strength that every Ohioan should be proud to have representing their state.