Discover North Carolina’s State Bird: The Cardinal

The State Bird of North Carolina

North Carolina is a state that is rich in culture and steeped in history. It’s no surprise then, that the state bird of North Carolina has been adopted to represent the Tar Heel State. The scientific name for this beloved bird is Quiscalus major, otherwise known as the Northern Cardinal. This species belongs to a larger family of birds, known as cardinals or cardinalidae.

Appearance and Behavior

The Northern Cardinal is easily identified by its bright red feathers with black accents along the crest, wings and tail. Male cardinals tend to be more vibrant in color than their female counterparts due to differences in hormones during mating season where males become brighter so they can attract mates. Additionally, male cardinals are larger than their female counterparts and have an orange bill while females have a grayish-black bill. Cardinals prefer habitats such as forests and woodland edges but also can be spotted near human habitation including backyards! They are also likely to live close together year round if placed within ideal conditions like these which makes them great backyard visitors! Cardinals feed mainly on small insects but will also eat fruits such seedesrvings from backyard birdfeeders.

Mating Habits

Northern Cardinals mate for life; meaning they form monogamous pairs throughout breeding season until one partner dies or leaves their nest territority permanently (in which case another mate may be found). During courtship behaviors you may notice singing between both birds before finally settling down into a nesting site where eggs will soon follow after several days of incubation by the mother cardinal alone (the father does not participate). Around 10-12 days later young chicks emerge from eggs fully feathered ready for flight at around 8 weeks old!

Why was it chosen?

When considering why this particular species was selected over other native species it’s important to note that although there are many beautiful birds living throughout North Carolina’s habitat only certain ones were under consideration when deciding who would hold title as official symbol depicting what all citizens within NC could identify with & admire most – Without question the northern cardinal rose above all others due primarily because of its vibrancy & beauty combined with its strong affinity towards providing selfless protection & care unto those weaker members amongst us – symbolic indeed! Furthermore aside from being visually pleasing cardinals have long been cherished for centuries by American settlers prior even becoming our nations emblematic animal signifying loyalty , faithfulness & joy beyond measure; Truly – A fitting image representing everything we stand for here in North Carolinians everywhere ⁠— Beauty Strength & Loyalty!!