Arkansas’ State Bird: Get to Know the Northern Mockingbird

What is the State Bird of Arkansas?

Arkansas is one of the many states in the United States. It has some unique aspects to it, including its official state bird – the mockingbird. The mockingbird has been adopted as a symbol of Arkansas since 1929 and it has become an important part of its identity ever since.

History and Significance of the Mockingbird

The scientific name for the mockingbird is “Mimus polyglottos” which means “many-tongued mimic” in Latin due to their tendency to imitate other birds’ songs. This small songbird is native throughout much of North America, with large populations found in Arkansas, where they can be spotted singing from treetops or chasing away predators with their loud calls during nesting season. They are so common that they have become associated with this southern state more than any other species within its boundaries.

In terms of symbolism, these birds represent joy and resiliency in difficult times. This sentiment is expressed through a popular poem by Mary Ethel Stone called “The Mockingbird,” which tells a story about how even though life may bring hardship, life still continues on when springtime arrives each year. Because Arkansas was once considered an impoverished state (especially after being devastated by floods), celebrating such resilience through nature became especially meaningful for Arkansans at this time period and beyond – making them adopt this bird as their official symbol as well as one that embodies strength and determination during difficult times..

Adoption Process

Due to their cultural significance among local residents, The Mockingbird was officially adopted as the state bird by Act 120 on March 26th 1929 after years campaigning by schoolchildren who felt strongly about having an animal representing arkansas values . Since then , The Mocking Bird Has also been heavily involved In conservation efforts around arkansas To help maintain Their population numbers And continue To promote Them As A Symbol Of Strength And Resilience For all Residents Of The Natural State .


There you have it! That’s why The Mocking Bird Is A Symbol Of Pride For All People From ARKANSAS ! Not only does It Have Beautiful Songs To inspire us but Also So Much Meaning Behind Its Adoption process . We hope you learned something new About Your own Home State !