What Does it Mean When a Bird Poops on You? Uncovering the Superstition

As bizarre as this may seem, being pooped on by a bird is something that has happened to many of us at some point or the other in our lives. While it can often be seen as nothing more than an unpleasant experience, there are those who believe that it holds significant meaning and symbolism. In this blog post, we explore what it means when a bird poops on you.

Superstitions and Beliefs

Bird poop is considered lucky in several cultures across the world. For instance, in Italy, getting pooped on by a bird is believed to bring good fortune and wealth your way. Similarly, ancient Egyptians thought that bird feces was a symbol of knowledge and blessings from gods.

In contrast to these positive beliefs about getting pooped on by birds, there are also negative superstitions surrounding this topic too. It is said that if a seagull droppings land on you then misfortune will follow for seven years!

Scientific Explanation

While these beliefs may hold true for some people, others might wonder if there’s any scientific explanation behind why birds tend to poop on humans randomly.

The answer lies in their digestive system – birds have one opening called the cloaca which serves as both an exit for excrement (feces) but also for eggs! Since they fly overhead while searching for food or trying to avoid predators, they need to lighten their load quite frequently so they don’t become sluggish during flight unnecessarily heavy- hence why when nature calls mid-flight – they simply let go wherever they happen to be!

What Should You Do If A Bird Poops On You?

If you’re superstitious or just plain unlucky enough to get hit with bird droppings out of nowhere- fear not! Most importantly stay calm and find somewhere clean where you can remove them ASAP before it dries up completely.

Thankfully most modern buildings have facilities like washrooms nearby so washing up won’t be much of a hassle. If it happens outside, head to the nearest public restroom or use some water and tissues that you may have in your bag.


In conclusion, while getting pooped on by birds can be considered unpleasant and gross, it does not have any concrete negative meaning behind it. Instead, most cultures view this as something lucky or even a sign of good fortune coming their way.

It’s essential to treat getting pooped on as just an accident because that’s what it is- there are rare times when bird excrement could carry diseases harmful to humans; but if the droppings land on clothed areas like shoes or jackets – these can easily be cleaned up!