What can parrots eat?


Parrots are beautiful, intelligent and colorful birds that can make wonderful pets. While they need a lot of care to stay healthy and happy, one important aspect is diet: what can parrots eat? It’s essential to provide your pet with a variety of nutrient-rich foods in order to ensure its overall health. In this blog post, we will discuss the different types of food that should be included in a parrot’s diet.


Seeds are an important part of a parrot’s diet and should provide between 30% and 50% of their total calorie intake each day. Since some seeds contain high levels of fat, it’s best to feed them as treats rather than including them as the main component in every meal. When selecting seeds for your parrot, look for ones that are hulled or shelled since these options have less salt than raw types without husks. You can also offer sprouting seeds which have higher concentrations of vitamins A & C due to the germination process!


Pellets are another common type of food given to parrots; they come pre-packaged and formulated with all key nutrients needed by birds on an everyday basis such as proteins, fats, carbohydrates plus other vitamins and minerals (like calcium). However not all pellets are made equal so choose wisely – you want ones specifically designed for your species! Ideally select organic brands that don’t contain any artificial sweeteners or preservatives too if possible.

Fruits & Vegetables

Fruits & vegetables also play an important role in providing vital nutrients such as fiber when eaten regularly. Apples (cut into small pieces), bananas (peeled), pears (cored) oranges/tangerines (seeded), melons (diced) strawberries/blueberries/blackberries etc., cooked sweet potatoes/carrots/beans etc., spinach leaves etc., Brussel sprouts – these kinds offoods provide excellent sources nutrition for pet birds like parrots! Make sure though to remove any pits or large pieces before giving it as snacks because those could pose choking hazards if ingested by accidently swallowing them whole while eating other parts first!


In conclusion, although there is no single “best” diet for parrots – seed mixes alone cannot meet all nutritional needs – offering a balanced mix between seed diets supplemented with fresh fruits & veggies along with occasional nutritionally complete diets like pellet based formulas will not only help maintain their health but also improve overall quality life too! Don’t forget about providing adequate amounts water daily either!