Western Screech-Owl

h2 Basic Description

The Western Screech-Owl, also known as Megascops kennicottii, is a small owl species found in North America. It has distinctive ear tufts that give it an adorable and fierce appearance. The bird’s overall plumage coloration ranges from gray to reddish-brown with dark streaks on its belly.

h2 Where To Find This Bird

This bird can be found in various habitats across western North America – from Mexico to southern Canada. They inhabit forests, deserts, shrublands, and even suburban parks and gardens.

h2 Habitat

Western Screech-Owls are adaptable birds that live in various kinds of habitats such as deciduous forests but prefer open woodlands near water sources. These owls often use abandoned nests of other birds or tree cavities as their roosting sites.

h2 Food

These nocturnal predators feed mainly on insects such as moths and beetles while they also hunt for small mammals including rodents like voles and mice or even songbirds like sparrows.

h2 Cool Facts

Did you know that the Western Screech-Owl’s call sounds like a horse whinny? This sound is how these owls communicate with each other during courtship or territorial disputes!

Another fascinating fact about this owl species is their incredible vision; they have excellent night vision thanks to their large eyes which take up almost half of their head size! Plus, they can move their heads around 270 degrees without needing to move the rest of the body!

Overall, Western Screech-Owls are unique creatures with adorable looks and impressive skills. If you’re fortunate enough to spot one in your backyard or while hiking through nature trails- cherish it because these little beings truly make our world much more beautiful!