Western Grebe

The Western Grebe: A Beautiful Water Bird to Admire

The Western Grebe is a magnificent water bird known for its majestic appearance and graceful movements. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with some basic information about the Western Grebe, where it can be found, its habitat, food preferences and some cool facts about this amazing creature.

Basic Description
The Western Grebe is a large waterbird that measures around 22-29 inches in length with a wingspan of approximately 32-36 inches. It has striking black-and-white feathers on its head and neck that form an elegant plume during breeding season. Its body features greyish-brown feathers that fade into whitish-grey towards the belly. The eyes are red or orange-red in color which contrasts beautifully against the white feathers.

Where To Find This Bird
Western Grebes are mostly found across North America from Alaska to Mexico; they also migrate southwards during winter. They prefer freshwater lakes and wetlands as their main habitats but can sometimes be spotted along coastal areas too.

They like calm waters such as marshes, freshwater lakes or slow-moving rivers surrounded by vegetation-rich banks where they can easily hide from predators like coyotes or foxes. Their nests are usually made of aquatic plants built upon floating debris close to shorelines.

Western Grebes feed mainly on fish but will occasionally eat other aquatic animals such as insects if fish aren’t readily available. They catch their prey by diving beneath the surface of the water which allows them to sneak up on unsuspecting fish before snatching them with their sharp bills.

Cool Facts
– When mating season begins, both male and female perform elaborate courtship dances including synchronised swimming displays.
– During these displays, pairs swim alongside each other while throwing back their heads and calling out.
– The plumes seen only during breeding season were once used excessively in fashion accessories until law was passed to protect these birds.
– Western Grebes are excellent swimmers, with the ability to dive down up to 300 feet in search of food and stay submerged for over 3 minutes at a time.

In conclusion, the Western Grebe is an impressive water bird that will not disappoint those who take the time to observe them. Their graceful movements on water and striking appearance make them a sight worth seeing. If you ever get the chance, pay a visit to their habitats during breeding season when their plumes are out in full force!