Virginia’s Warbler

– A Little Bird with a Big Personality

H2: Basic Description

The Virginia’s Warbler is a small, colorful bird that can be found in the southwestern United States and Mexico. This bird is named after Virginia Anderson, who was an artist and collector of birds from Colorado. The Virginia’s Warbler has distinctive features that make it stand out from other warblers. It has a gray head, neck, and back with yellow underparts. The wings have white patches, while the tail feathers are black with white tips.

H2: Where To Find This Bird

Virginia’s Warblers breed in the mountainous regions of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada as well as northern parts of Mexico such as Chihuahua and Sonora. During migration periods they may be spotted on their way to Central America through Texas or southern California.


Virginia’s Warblers prefer dry scrublands at higher elevations (around 6k-11k feet) where they can nest within low shrubs or tree branches near water sources such as streams or springs used for drinking/bathing purposes.


These little birds feed on insects including grasshoppers & caterpillars which can be found within their preferred habitats; during winter months they might also supplement their diet by eating fruits offered by neighborhood trees/shrubs/gardens.

Cool Facts

Interestingly enough this species holds one unique trait among its warbler cousins – it will occasionally use spider webs to build its nests! Males usually arrive first to set up territories then females show up later to choose mates based upon song quality amongst competitors prior to nesting season. Although not considered threatened due to having stable population numbers throughout their range some concerns do exist for land developments altering preferred habitats over time so continued monitoring efforts shall help ensure this little bird remains around for years-to-come lives-on!