Vesper Sparrow

Basic Description

The Vesper Sparrow, also known as the Bay-winged Bunting, is a small bird that belongs to the family Passerellidae. It measures about 5-6 inches long and has a wingspan of approximately 9 inches. This sparrow has a brownish-grey back with streaks of black and white, while its underparts are light grayish-brown.

Where To Find This Bird

The Vesper Sparrow can be found throughout North America during breeding season from April through August. They breed in open areas such as grasslands, prairies, and farmlands across Canada and the United States. During winter months they migrate to southern parts of their range in Mexico and Central America.


Vesper Sparrows inhabit open fields with tall grasses where they build their nests on or near the ground. These birds prefer areas with scattered shrubs or trees where they can perch and watch for predators or prey.


The diet of Vesper Sparrows consists primarily of insects during breeding season but switches to seeds during winter months when insects become scarce. They feed on beetles, caterpillars, ants, flies among other insects while seeds include grasses such as ragweed and goldenrod.

Cool Facts

One interesting fact about these sparrows is that they sing often at dusk hence their name “Vesper” which means evening prayers in Latin. Their song is similar to that of an American Goldfinch but slower-paced. Another interesting fact about this bird species Is that it was once considered threatened due to habitat loss caused by agriculture practices like grazing; however today efforts have been made towards restoration projects aimed at conserving these beautiful little creatures!