: A Fascinating Bird of the Forest

If you’re an avid birdwatcher or a nature enthusiast, you may have already spotted Veery. This small thrush is one of the most fascinating birds that inhabit deciduous forests in North America. With its unique flute-like song and beautiful brownish-red plumage, the Veery is a treat to watch and hear.

Basic Description:

The Veery (Catharus fuscescens) belongs to the family Turdidae and measures around 6-7 inches in length with a wingspan of 9-11 inches. It has relatively short legs, long wings, and a curved bill. The male and female adults are similar in appearance except for their size; males are slightly larger than females. They have reddish-brown upper parts with dark spots on their feathers while their underparts are pale white with black spots on their breast.

Where To Find This Bird:

Veeries breed during summer months all over eastern North America from southern Canada to Gulf States in the United States. You can find them mostly in dense deciduous forests near streams or wetlands where they nest on low tree branches close to ground level.


Veeries prefer living among trees where they forage and build nests made up of twigs, leaves, grasses held together by mud or spider webs. They also use these materials to construct shallow cups within which they lay two to four eggs per clutch each year.


Their diets primarily consist of insects such as beetles, caterpillars, spiders along with some fruits like wild berries.

Cool Facts:

• Their famous flute-like song consists of three descending notes followed by one ascending note.
• Female Veeries tend towards nesting closer than other bird species which require higher elevations.
• Males territorial fights ensue when breeding season arrives; however it usually does not result into serious injuries.
• Researchers have found that Veeries, similar to other migratory birds, have a built-in magnetic compass which enables them to navigate long distances.

The Veery is an incredibly interesting bird species that deserves attention and appreciation. It’s always thrilling to spot one of these small thrushes while walking through the forest or listening to their hauntingly beautiful tune on quiet summer evenings. Without a doubt, this bird has much more than meets the eye – it’s a fascinating creature with numerous unique features that make it stand out among other birds.