Turkey Vulture

Basic Description

The Turkey Vulture is a large bird that can be found throughout North and South America. They are known for their distinct appearance with dark brown feathers, long wingspan, and featherless red head. The turkey vulture has a body length of about 28 inches and weighs around 4-5 pounds.

Where To Find This Bird

These birds are commonly found in open areas such as fields, deserts, prairies, and forests. You can spot them soaring high in the sky or perched on tree branches or rocks. Turkey vultures typically migrate during the winter to warmer climates.


Turkey Vultures prefer habitats with expansive open areas since they use rising warm air currents to soar effortlessly through the sky searching for food. They roost in trees near their feeding grounds at night.


As scavengers, turkey vultures primarily feed on carrion including dead animals of all kinds from small rodents to deer-sized mammals The sense of smell is crucial for locating carrion; these birds have an excellent sense of smell compared to other raptors like eagles or hawks.

Cool Facts

– Unlike many other species of bird that come equipped with sharp talons & beaks to kill prey, turkey vultures lack both.
– Their strong immune systems enable them eat decaying carcasses without falling ill due to harmful bacteria.
– When threatened by predators like coyotes or foxes who may attack their nests filled with eggs or young chicks,vulture parents will often vomit up some regurgitated food onto the predator giving themselves time escape safely.

In conclusion,Turkey Vultures play an important role in our ecosystem by cleaning up dead animals which if left unattended could cause health risks.These birds although not the prettiest, have several unique features that are worth knowing.