Tufted Puffin

The Tufted Puffin: A Fascinating Bird of the North Pacific

The tufted puffin (Fratercula cirrhata) is a charming and quirky bird that inhabits the chilly waters of the North Pacific. With its flamboyant orange beak, bushy yellow eyebrows, and distinctive tufts of feathers on either side of its head, this comical-looking seabird is an instant crowd-pleaser.

Basic Description

Adult tufted puffins are around 15 inches in length and weigh up to a pound. Males and females look alike, but males tend to have slightly larger bills. During breeding season, they develop white face plumes that contrast sharply with their black plumage. The source of their name comes from these very distinct tufts on top of each eye which resemble long thick eyelashes extending outwards.

Where To Find This Bird

Tufted puffins breed along rocky coastlines from California all the way north through Alaska and across northeastern Asia to northern Japan. They spend most of their life at sea until it’s time for them to lay eggs where they return back to land in large colonies during breeding season.


Their habitat is found among coastal cliffs or offshore islands often near steep slopes or ledges since this allows them easy access between flying/swimming above water level into their breeding burrows which they excavate out themselves within short range proximity.


These birds primarily eat small fish like anchovies, smelt, herring as well as squid & crustaceans by diving deep beneath surface levels using wings for propulsion while flapping fast enough to mimic flight underwater!

Cool Facts

• Tufted Puffins can swim deeper than any other member species belonging within Alcidae family reaching depths up-to 230 feet below sea-level!.
• They fly low over water surfaces achieving speeds up-to 40 mph.
• They have a specialized salt gland that extracts excess salt from their bloodstream, allowing them to drink seawater without becoming dehydrated.
• Puffins are uniquely designed to carry multiple fish in their beaks at once by holding them along the edge of this appendage.

In conclusion, the tufted puffin is an amazing bird with plenty of fascinating features. If you’re lucky enough to catch sight of one on your next trip up north or while whale-watching tours along the Pacific coast then don’t forget about these quirky characters!