Tricolored Heron

Basic Description

The Tricolored Heron is a unique and striking bird with distinct features that make it stand out from other herons. Also known as the Louisiana Heron, this species has blue-gray feathers on its body and wings, a white belly, black stripes on its head and neck, as well as long yellow legs.

Where To Find This Bird

The Tricolored Heron can be found in wetlands along the southeastern coast of the United States, including Florida, Louisiana, Texas, and South Carolina. During migration season they can also be seen in parts of Mexico and Central America.


These birds are mainly found near swamps, marshes or lagoons where they enjoy shallow waters to hunt their prey. They prefer freshwater environments but can occasionally be spotted near saltwater habitats such as estuaries or mangroves.


The Tricolored Heron feeds on fish along with crustaceans like crabs which it catches using its sharp bill while wading through shallow water. They’ve been known to use their feet to stir up fish from the muddy bottom before striking them with their bills.

Cool Facts

– The Tricolored Heron is one of only a few bird species that have been observed using tools! They’ve been seen dropping bait into the water to attract fish.
– These birds were once hunted for their plumes which were used in women’s hats during the 19th century.
– While hunting for food these birds will sometimes spread their wings wide creating an umbrella effect over the water surface; this makes it easier for them to spot potential prey.
– Their breeding plumage features bright-blue skin around their eyes giving them an even more distinctive appearance!
Overall, witnessing these unique creatures in action when hunting or nesting is always a treat for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts alike.