Tennessee Warbler

h2 Basic Description
The Tennessee Warbler is a small, vibrant bird that measures about 4.5 inches in length and has a wingspan of approximately 7 inches. This songbird is known for its bright yellow color with a gray head and back, complete with two white wing bars.

h2 Where To Find This Bird
As the name suggests, the Tennessee Warbler’s breeding grounds are found in the Great Lakes region and northeastern Canada during the summer months. During migration between August to November, they can be found along both eastern and western coasts of North America.

h2 Habitat
The Tennessee Warbler prefers to nest in dense coniferous forests or mixed deciduous-coniferous areas where there is plenty of understory vegetation for cover. It can also be found in second-growth forests or wetlands during migration periods.

h2 Food
These birds primarily eat insects such as caterpillars and beetles but also enjoy fruit when it’s available during migration periods.

h2 Cool Facts
– Despite being called “Tennessee” warblers, these birds don’t breed in Tennessee.
– The females tend to have less distinct plumage than males.
– They’re considered one of North America’s most abundant warblers.
– Their unique call sounds like “tsip” repeated several times.
– They have long migrations routes stretching from their breeding grounds all the way down to South America.

In conclusion, if you happen upon some dense forest or wetland this fall while on your birding adventures – keep an eye out for these beautiful little songbirds! Though their name might make you think otherwise; don’t expect them to appear only in Tennessee!