Snowy Owl

The snowy owl is a majestic and striking bird that inhabits the Arctic regions of North America, Europe, and Asia. With its bright white feathers and piercing yellow eyes, this bird is truly a sight to behold.

Basic Description
Snowy owls are large birds with a wingspan of up to five feet. They weigh between 3-6 pounds and can grow up to two feet tall. Their feathers are mostly white, but they may have dark spots on their wings or back. Both male and female snowy owls look similar in appearance, but females tend to be slightly larger than males.

Where To Find This Bird
In the winter months, snowy owls migrate south into Canada and some northern parts of the United States. During breeding season (late May through early June), they return to their Arctic habitat for nesting.

As mentioned earlier, snowy owls prefer cold climates such as tundra areas where there aren’t many trees or other structures around them; this way they can see prey from far away while perched on high ground like rocks or small hills.

The primary diet of snowy owls consists mainly of lemmings; however, they will also eat other rodents such as voles or mice if lemming populations are low. Snowy Owls have been known to hunt rabbits as well! Additionally, these birds have excellent hearing which helps them locate prey even when it’s buried under snow.

Cool Facts
Did you know that unlike most other owl species which are nocturnal hunters? Snowy Owls do much of their hunting during daylight hours! Another interesting fact about this bird is that it has an acute sense of hearing – studies have shown that they can hear sounds from almost 2 miles away!

Overall, the Snowy Owl is an awe-inspiring creature with its unique features and fascinating behaviors making it one worth looking out for during your next visit up north!