Snail Kite

The Snail Kite: A Fascinating Bird of Prey

The Snail Kite is a remarkable bird which belongs to the family Accipitridae. It is highly specialized and can be found in specific areas of the southern United States, Central America, and South America. Here’s what you need to know about this fascinating bird:

Basic Description

This medium-sized raptor has a wingspan that ranges from 40-50 inches and it measures around 15-18 inches in length. Its most distinctive feature is its hooked bill which it uses for extracting snails from their shells. The male and female have similar plumage with dark grey upperparts, white underparts, reddish-brown eyes, and black talons.

Where To Find This Bird

Snail Kites can be found all year round at different locations throughout their range; however, they are not common in some areas like Mexico or Northern parts of South America. In the United States, they are primarily located in Florida where there are freshwater marshes with apple snails as their primary food source.


The Snail Kite prefers freshwater habitats such as marshes or wetlands where it can find an abundance of apple snails (Pomacea paludosa). They use tall trees for nesting sites which provide a vantage point when hunting prey.


As previously mentioned, the primary food source for the Snail Kite is apple snails but they will also feed on other aquatic creatures like frogs or small fish if necessary. Their unique bill allows them to extract snails from their shells with ease by using a twisting motion.

Cool Facts

One cool fact about the Snail Kite is that it has evolved specifically to hunt apple snails by developing that specialized bill we talked about earlier! Another fascinating fact about this bird species is that it was once considered endangered due to habitat destruction and loss of its primary food source. However, conservation efforts have helped maintain a stable population in Florida and parts of Central and South America.

Overall, the Snail Kite is an incredible bird with unique hunting adaptations that make it stand out from other birds of prey. If you’re ever in Florida or one of its range areas, be sure to keep an eye out for this fascinating creature!