Smith’s Longspur

Smith’s Longspur, also known as Calcarius pictus, is a remarkable bird found in the grasslands of North America. This sparrow-sized bird has some unique features that make it stand out from other birds species.

Basic Description:

The Smith’s Longspur is about 4-5 inches long and weighs around 0.5 to 0.8 ounces. The male has a striking appearance with its black face mask and chestnut-colored nape patch surrounded by white feathers on the neck and shoulders. They have short tails and wings which are notched at their tips.

Where To Find This Bird:

Smith’s Longspurs can be found during different seasons in various parts of North America, including Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Montana to South Dakota in the United States throughout winter months. During breeding season they migrate towards Canada’s northern territories where they make temporary nests on open tundra landscapes.


Smith’s Longspurs prefer nesting habitats located above tree line or within scrubby tundra vegetation patches comprised of dwarf willow bushes or heather shrubbery because these areas provide them safety from predators with a good view over surrounding plains below.


During springtime breeding periods Smith`s LongSpurs feed mainly on seeds left over from prior year growths while later summer feeding habits mostly revolve around insect larvae hidden amongst mossy vegetation beds within their migratory path routes down south into the USA Plains region for wintering period food sources such as soybean fields & others agricultural crops along highways roadside shelters near ponds etc., where large numbers gather together roosting for communal protection against harsh weather conditions prevailing there especially snowstorms & freezing temperatures

Cool Facts:

The Smith`s longspur gets its name after Sir Andrew Smith who discovered this species back in early nineteenth century when exploring Africa continent fauna; however it wasn’t until mid-twentieth century that experts were able identify similar kind of bird species from North America as belonging to same family & eventually merging them under single name “Smith’s Longspur”. They are one of the few birds known for having a diet which varies significantly between different seasons, making them quite unique among avian species. Additionally, they have an interesting breeding behavior where males will make intricate displays with their wings and tails in order to attract mates.

In conclusion, Smith’s Longspurs are fascinating birds that inhabit remote areas and thrive in tundra ecosystems across several parts of North America. Their striking appearance coupled with unique feeding habits and intriguing breeding behaviors make them a must-see for all bird lovers!