Say’s Phoebe

A Fascinating Bird with Unique Characteristics

If you are a bird lover or an avid bird-watcher, then Say’s Phoebe is definitely one of the birds that should be on your list to spot. This small passerine bird can be found in many locations throughout North America, and it has some unique features that make it stand out from other birds.

Basic Description:

Say’s Phoebe is a small bird measuring about 6.5 inches long, with a wingspan of around 11 inches. They have brownish-gray upperparts and wings, contrasting sharply with their pale underparts. They have a black tail which appears rusty brown when they fly off. Males and females share similar physical features.

Where To Find This Bird:

Say’s Phoebe was named after Thomas Say; an American naturalist who first encountered this species in western Colorado in the early 1800s while on an expedition to the Rocky Mountains. Nowadays, these amazing birds can be found throughout North America – from Alaska to Mexico – frequenting various habitats including open country such as deserts or grasslands.


These lovely little creatures love building their nests on man-made structures like buildings or bridges but will also utilize natural cavities like tree hollows for nesting purposes too! During migration season they might stay close to water sources, riversides providing them more opportunities for prey items during their breeding cycle.


This insectivorous species feeds mostly on insects (such as flies & beetles), spiders and occasionally takes berries when insect prey is scarce during winter months or periods of low activity levels due to weather conditions.

Cool Facts:

– Say’s Phoebes are known for performing aerial acrobatics while hunting insects.
– Their calls resemble “pew” sound repetitively.
– These birds are known for returning back to same location year after year where they had made nests earlier.
– Insects make up almost all of their diet, even during breeding season when they need the most energy to feed themselves and their young.

In conclusion, Say’s Phoebe is an intriguing bird that stands out due to its unique features. With their aerial acrobatics and lovely calls, these small birds are worth watching for any bird lover. So next time you’re out in nature or exploring urban landscapes, keep an eye open for this fascinating little friend!