Sandhill Crane

H2: Basic Description

The Sandhill Crane, also known as Grus canadensis, is a large North American bird. It gets its name from the sandy-colored feathers on its back and wings. These birds have long legs and a long neck that is held straight up while flying or walking on land. The adult Sandhill Crane stands around 4-5 feet tall with a wingspan of approximately 6 to 7 feet.

H2: Where To Find This Bird

Sandhill Cranes are found in various parts of North America depending on the season. During breeding season, they migrate to Canada and Alaska to nest in wetlands and marshes. They then travel south for wintering grounds ranging from southern United States down to Mexico.

H2: Habitat

These majestic birds prefer nesting near shallow water such as freshwater wetlands or bogs where their diet can be found efficiently.

H2: Food

One of their main sources of food includes insects but their diet varies throughout seasons including aquatic plants when nesting in the summer months.

H2: Cool Facts

Did you know that Sandhill Cranes are one of the oldest living bird species? They have been dated back about 10 million years ago!

Additionally, these birds dance during courtship by leaping into the air with flapping wings before landing again- it’s an extraordinary sight!

Lastly, Sandhill cranes communicate through different vocalizations including trumpeting which can be heard over quite some distance across fields or other habitats where they live together in groups called flocks.

In conclusion, if you’re ever lucky enough to spot this incredible bird – take time out for observation! Its graceful movements coupled with unique features make it truly one-of-a-kind.