Rock Ptarmigan

Basic Description

The Rock Ptarmigan, also known as Lagopus Mutus, is a type of bird that belongs to the grouse family. These birds are medium sized and have brown feathers during summer which turn into white in winter to camouflage themselves with their surroundings.

Where To Find This Bird

Rock Ptarmigans can be found throughout Arctic regions such as Iceland, Northern Europe and Russia. They are also common in North America particularly in Alaska, Canada and Greenland.


Rock ptarmigans prefer high altitude areas where they can hide from predators. During winters they reside in rocky mountainous terrain whereas during summers they move to lower elevations where there is more vegetation.


These birds feed on leaves, flowers, seeds and insects when available. During winters their diet consists mostly of twigs and buds of willows and birch trees because other food sources become scarce in snowy weather conditions.

Cool Facts:

– Rock Ptarmigans have feathered legs that help them withstand cold temperatures.
– They change their appearance based on season for survival purposes.
– Their feet are covered with small knob-like structures called pectinations which give them better grip while walking on slippery surfaces.
– Unlike other birds who fly away when threatened by prey or humans, ptarmigans tend to stay still hoping not to be noticed due to their excellent camouflage abilities.

In conclusion, the rock ptarmigan is an interesting type of bird that has adapted itself according to its environment for survival purposes. Its unique features include feathered legs, changing colours depending on season’s requirements as well as special knobs under its feet allowing it better movement over icy ground. These remarkable attributes make this bird all the more fascinating!