Red-necked Grebe

h2 Basic Description
The Red-necked Grebe is a distinct and unique bird that belongs to the family of grebes. This bird has a sizeable and bulky body with a short tail, sharp beak, and long neck. The adult birds have black caps on their heads that gradually blend into red-brown coloration around their necks. They also possess white cheeks, which contrast with their dark heads.

h2 Where To Find This Bird
Red-necked Grebes can be found throughout North America in both freshwater lakes and saltwater bays. During winter months, they migrate to coastal areas where water remains open during colder weather conditions.

h2 Habitat
These birds live in freshwater or brackish (slightly salty) habitats such as wetlands, marshes, ponds and rivers near dense vegetation or wooded areas where they can find cover from predators. However, they commonly breed in shallow lakes surrounded by lowland forests while preferring aquatic vegetation for nesting.

h2 Food
Red-necked Grebes are carnivorous animals that feed primarily on fish but may also eat crustaceans like shrimp or small insects. They hunt by diving underwater to catch prey using their nimble webbed feet for propulsion through the water column.

h2 Cool Facts
One fascinating fact about these birds is that they create floating platforms made of aquatic plants as nesting sites on top of wetland waters without disturbing other species living there! Another interesting thing about them is how they change colors during breeding season; males develop bright red feathers around their throats while females’ plumage turns browner than usual! Lastly worth noting: These birds mate for life!