Red-naped Sapsucker

The Red-naped Sapsucker: A Fascinating Bird of North America

The Red-naped Sapsucker is a medium-sized bird that is native to North America. It belongs to the woodpecker family, and it has unique features that make it easily recognizable.

Basic Description:

This beautiful bird measures around 7-8 inches in length and weighs about 1-2 ounces. The male has red feathers on its nape (back of the neck), while the female has white feathers in this area. Both genders have black and white striped faces, wings, and tails. They also have yellow bellies with dark spots.

Where To Find This Bird:

The Red-naped Sapsucker can be found in western North America throughout the year, including Canada’s Pacific coast, Alaska, parts of Oregon and California, eastwards into Montana and Wyoming for breeding season. During winter months they can be spotted as far south as Mexico.


These birds prefer a variety of habitats throughout their range including mixed deciduous forests to boreal forest stands consisting mainly of Ponderosa pine trees or Lodgepole pines at higher elevations up to 10k feet above sea level.


As sapsuckers name suggest these birds are known for drilling distinct holes called sap wells into tree trunks which causes sap flows out from them creating an ample supply of nutrients like sugar-rich fluids insects attracted by such sweet nectar . They feed on insects drawn to their sap wells along with fruits seeds nuts berries .

Cool Facts:

Red-naped sapsuckers play an important role among animals because they create cavities in trees where other birds like chickadees nest during breeding seasons such as summer months between May – July . Also these birds show territorial behavior against others who try occupy feeding territories.

In summary,the Red-naped Sapsucker is an intriguing bird species that should not be missed if you are into bird-watching. They are a marvel to look at with their unique colors and fascinating habits of drilling sap wells in trees for food. So next time you are out exploring the great outdoors in North America, keep an eye out for this beautiful woodpecker!