Pine Warbler

The Pine Warbler is a small, yellow warbler species that can be found in North America. It is a migratory bird, spending winters in the southern United States and summers in the eastern part of the country.

Basic Description

The Pine Warbler has olive-green upperparts with yellow underparts. The males have streaks of black on their sides and throats, while females are generally paler overall. They also have thin beaks for catching insects.

Where To Find This Bird

Pine Warblers can be found throughout much of the eastern part of North America during breeding season, typically from April through August. During migration or winter months, they may be spotted as far south as Florida or even into Mexico.


As its name suggests, this warbler species prefers pine forests with open understories or areas where pines mix with deciduous trees. These birds will often perch high up in pine branches to sing their songs.


Pine Warblers primarily feed on insects such as beetles and caterpillars but may also eat spiders and other arthropods.

Cool Facts

• While some warblers migrate at night using stars to navigate, Pine Warblers migrate during daylight hours.
• Like many birds that inhabit pine forests, this species benefits from forest fires because it clears out dense brush allowing more light to reach lower levels where these birds find food.

In conclusion, if you’re birding along the East Coast during spring or summer months keep your eyes peeled for a bright yellow flash darting between tree trunks – it could just be a Pine Warbler!