Parakeet Auklet

h2 Basic Description
The Parakeet Auklet is a small seabird that belongs to the family Alcidae. They are about 20 cm in length and weigh around 200g. These birds have large heads, short tails, and compact bodies with black feathers on the back and white feathers on the underside.

h2 Where To Find This Bird
Parakeet Auklets breed in several locations across Alaska from the Aleutian Islands to the Gulf of Alaska. During non-breeding seasons, they migrate westward towards Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula.

h2 Habitat
These birds live in open waters near rocky cliffs or islands where they can nest comfortably. They prefer to nest inside rock crevices, burrows dug into loose soil, or abandoned puffin burrows. When not nesting, Parakeet Auklets can be found flying over calm waters looking for food.

h2 Food
Their diet consists mainly of krill (tiny shrimp-like creatures) and small fish found close to shorelines. These birds dive underwater using their wings as flippers to swim after prey before returning to land with their catch held sideways in their bills.

h2 Cool Facts
One fascinating thing about these birds is how they use their unique features during courtship displays – males will bob their heads up and down while making honking sounds through blowing air out of bulging neck pouches known as gular sacs; females respond by opening their mouths wide as if trying to swallow them whole!

Another interesting fact is that when threatened by predators such as eagles or foxes who try stealing eggs from nests located high up on cliffsides – parakeets will fly straight at them head-on while emitting warning calls until either party retreats!

In conclusion, despite being relatively unknown outside birding circles due largely because they live only near remote coastal areas – The Parakeet Auklet deserves recognition for its unique and fascinating behavior. These birds are a true symbol of resilience, having adapted to survive in harsh marine environments where few other creatures can thrive.