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Great T Names For Your Pet Bird

Tanis Thor Teazer Tara Tweety (Tweetie) Theodore Trixie Tucker Tiger Tippi Tesla Taffy Tess Tessie Tipper Truffles Tommy Dog Tia Tieka Trapper Tobasco Tally Scratch Trickles Tinker Tamzin Tilda Tuggles Tortie Traveler Tabby Trixey Toas Theseus Tinkles Thomas Twilligar Tulip Titan Tammy T’ang Tanker Tanner Tiamat Tiesha Tiggy Tarrant Tango …

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Bathing Your Pet Parrot

Bathing is an important part of your bird’s daily routine. Birds love to bathe. If you do not bathe them, they will find a way to take a bath in their water bowl. Baths should be given to your bird at least once or twice a week. In warm weather, …

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What To Do If You Find A Baby Bird

First, get to know your local Wildlife Rehabilitator or organization. Keep their number on your refrigerator. If you can’t find one in the phone book, call your state’s Fish and Wildlife Department, local SPCA, or avian vet. In the springtime, hastily built nests sometimes fail. Windstorms, predators, children, tree trimmers …

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Why Zebra Finches Make Great Pets

The Zebra finch (Peophila guttata) originates in Australia and is commonly found in the United States. They are very active little chatterboxes. Zebras are part of the Estrilididae family, and are about 4 inches long. Their original colors for the males are grey head with chestnut ear patches and black and white …

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Male Bird Names For Your Pet Bird

RomeoSammyElliotPaulieZuesTikiBarneyLorneKosmo orCosmoFezzMurphySailorJoeySolomenKepCorduroyCowboyBojoBamBamBeamerPiperMickeyE.T.T-BirdMr. TThorCraigPikachewSpearowTeoHawkeyeBennyJakeSunnyOddieWoodyTobyTonyTyTazBartMr. MeyersSammyBingoKevinDudeBubba

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Female Bird Names

JulietStacieEvelynPollyZenaRitaMaryBonnieLaurenMochaLatteAngelDaisyJuneMistyCelesteLaceyCagneyHot Lips HoolahanMinnieMariaLeilaSassyTinaCassieLisaRebaDeeMs. MeyersAmber

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