Orange-crowned Warbler

The Orange-crowned Warbler is a beautiful bird species that can be found in North and Central America. Here are some interesting facts about this delightful bird.

Basic Description

The Orange-crowned Warbler has olive-green feathers on its back and wings, while its underparts are pale yellow. Its most distinctive feature is the orange crown it wears, which can sometimes be hard to see. This little bird is around 4-5 inches long with a wingspan of 6-7 inches.

Where To Find This Bird

Orange-crowned Warblers breed throughout much of western North America, from Alaska all the way down to Mexico. During migration seasons they may also be found in other parts of the continent such as eastern Canada or even Hawaii.


This warbler prefers coniferous forests or mixed woodlands but during migration season they have been known to pop up in gardens too! They usually build their nests close to the ground within shrubs or trees, using materials like moss and lichens for camouflage.


Like many warblers, this bird feeds on insects such as spiders, beetles and caterpillars. It’s not uncommon for them to catch insects mid-flight by hovering near foliage while looking for prey!

Cool Facts

Did you know that despite being called an “orange-crowned” warbler, only males show off their bright crowns? Females and young birds lack any hint of orange at all!

Another fascinating fact about these birds is that they have an unusual song – it sounds more like a series of high-pitched chips than the melodic chirping we associate with many other songbirds.

In conclusion, if you’re hoping to spot one of these lively little creatures keep your eyes peeled during migration season when they might visit your garden! With their distinctive orange crowns and energetic movements, the Orange-crowned Warbler is a sight to behold.