Northern Fulmar

The Northern Fulmar, also known as the Arctic Fulmar or just simply Fulmar, is a type of seabird that can be found in various parts of the world. Here are some interesting details about this bird:

Basic Description

The Northern Fulmar has a medium-sized body with a wingspan of around 39-43 inches. They have white and gray feathering on their bodies and wings, with darker coloring on their backs and wingtips. Their bills are short and thick, which helps them scoop up food from the water’s surface.

Where To Find This Bird

Northern Fulmars can be spotted in many places across the globe such as Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Norway, Russia and even New Zealand! They spend most of their time at sea but they do come ashore to breed during springtime where they often nest on rocky cliffs or steep slopes near coastal areas.


The Northern Fulmar lives primarily in offshore waters near cold ocean currents such as those off the coast of Iceland. They prefer open water but can also inhabit areas near shorelines or ice edges depending on availability of prey.


These birds feed mainly on fish like capelin; however they will occasionally consume squid or crustaceans too. Their diet includes carrion (dead animals) which makes them quite unusual for seabirds since most species feed exclusively on live prey items.

Cool Facts

Northern fulmars have an amazing adaptation called “nasal salt glands.” These glands allow them to excrete excess salt that is ingested through consumption of seawater when feeding out at sea – making it possible for these birds to drink saltwater!

Another cool fact about this bird is its ability to projectile vomit an oily substance when threatened by predators – this unique defense mechanism confuses and deters predators from attacking them.

In conclusion, the Northern Fulmar is an interesting bird with some fascinating adaptations that help it survive in its unique habitat. They are a true testament to the wonders of nature and serve as an important part of our global ecosystem.