Mountain Plover

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## Basic Description

The mountain plover is a small bird that belongs to the family Charadriidae. This bird has a distinctive look with its sandy-brown back and white underparts. Moreover, it also features black patches on its neck and forehead along with a bold black line running across its chest. The bird’s bill is short and dark-colored while its legs are yellowish.

## Where To Find This Bird

Mountain plovers are native to North America but their habitat extends beyond the United States’ borders into Mexico as well. During breeding season, these birds can be found in grassland areas of western Nebraska, eastern Wyoming, southeastern Montana, northern New Mexico, western Kansas and Colorado. In winters they migrate southward towards southern California, Texas coastlines of the Gulf of Mexico along with Northern Mexico.

## Habitat

These birds prefer nesting in sparsely vegetated short-grass prairies as they provide ideal conditions for them to lay eggs and raise young ones safely without any predators around them such as hawks or foxes nearby which could harm them during this time period.

## Food

As for food preferences – Mountain Plovers primarily feed on insects such as beetles caterpillars ants grasshoppers along with some seeds which are available within their habitat area during different seasons accordingly .

## Cool Facts

One extraordinary thing about these birds is that despite being migratory creatures who travel long distances every year; mountain-plovers have incredibly strong homing instincts enabling themselves always to return home following migration from previous years’ journey.
Another interesting observation related to this species is that they tend not to fly very high above ground level but instead stay relatively close down near Earth’s surface where most foods ,shelters,and other resources lie within their reach.

In conclusion, mountain plovers are unique birds with a specific preference for their habitat and food choices. These birds are an important part of the ecosystem in which they reside, providing balance to the natural world around them. Their homing instincts make them remarkable creatures that continue to thrive despite changes in climate and environment over time. Keep your eyes peeled for this sandy brown beauty next time you’re out exploring prairies or grasslands in North America!