Mexican Jay

The Mexican Jay is a striking bird with captivating blue and black plumage, native to the southwestern United States and western Mexico. These jays are social creatures that travel in large groups or families, making them one of the most vocal birds in North America.

Basic Description:
Mexican Jays have bright blue feathers on their head, wings, back, and tail. They also have a black mask around their eyes and throat. Their bills are long and curved downwards while their legs are dark brown or black. Adults can range from 25-30 cm (10-12 inches) in length.

Where To Find This Bird:
Mexican Jays can be found in oak woodlands, pine forests as well as juniper brushy habitats at elevations ranging from 3,000 to 9,000 feet above sea level. You can spot these birds mostly in Arizona’s Chiricahua Mountains as well as other mountain ranges of New Mexico.

Mexican Jays prefer forests where they build nests using materials such as twigs covered by mud-cup; often placed on horizontal branches between forks hidden from predators such as hawks or snakes.

These omnivorous birds eat insects like wasps; seeds including acorns which they hide during autumn for winter use; fruits such as manzanita berries when available; reptiles including lizards like alligator lizards which they flip over before consuming head first with ease!

Cool Facts:

1) Mexican Jays show loyalty by warning each other if there’s danger nearby

2) They take turns feeding the young ones

3) One group may contain several generations living together

4) Despite being non-migratory , some populations undergo seasonal movements depending on food availability within their habitat.

In summary, Mexican Jays are fascinating creatures known for their stunning blue-and-black appearance combined with incredible intelligence that allows them to thrive across different habitats within Southwestern United States and Mexico. As one of the most vocal birds out there, spotting these jays can be a great way to observe their social behavior and remarkable survival instincts in action.